Hello, I am Dũng. Nguyễn Huy Dũng.

Hello, I’m Dũng. Nguyễn Huy Dũng.

Educator (HDI Channel), Production Manager (Gameloft Hà Nội),
Master of International Business (RMIT)

My core values are Proactive, Understanding, Growth, Balance, and Impact. I focus my life on Learn, Share, Create, and Love.

My “Why” is to help other humans live this extraordinary rare thing call “Life” in the happiest and most meaningful way possible.

I happened to be the Production Manager in Gameloft Hanoi – a video game development studio. I enjoy my leadership and management work because I can make a positive impact on the quality of life and the growth of my teams, as well as giving Gameloft’s gamers plenty of moments of happiness.

My favorite professional topics include Leadership, Management,
Education, Programming, Data Analysis, Web Development, Game Development, Video Editing, 2D Design, and Presentation.

I enjoy life with other hobbies such as playing Pool, building Lego, making Origami, listening to Podcasts, playing Games, drawing out ideas, taking Photos, reading Books, and well, of course, obvious stuff like watching Movies, listening to Music.

Contact Me

I’m not the most friendly and open guy that you would meet, for sure. I’m weird, and shy, and keep a distance at first. But if you need a listener, a consultant, a problem solver, a teacher, a speaker, or a partner for deep conversations about life, education, technology, psychology, business, and such – I may serve you well. Contact me then. Ask me anything.